ophelis was put in charge of furnishing 1,000 workplaces in the new Rot 22 building. The task primarily consisted in creating a working environment for the employees which promotes communication and enables them to concentrate on their work at the same time. The workplaces also had to be designed to comply with acoustic requirements in this project as well. The main assessment criteria were functionality, flexibility, power supply and space efficiency.

Our modular L Series desk system was used. Its features included tool-free, gas spring-supported height adjustment by the user, which can be performed easily and without any additional handling costs. Another highlight was the large, continuous cable management system which leads from the vertical axis through removable side panels directly into the horizontal cable duct and provides additional space for mini hubs. The S Series cupboards were equipped with acoustically effective elements to ensure performance of work without any disruptions and without long reverberation sound times.

All in all, the high flexibility of the modular furniture components led ophelis to success. Our integrative suggestions enabled solutions from a single source for all work areas: from individual workplaces to communication zones with high benches.