Europäische Reiseversicherung and almeda

Europäische Reiseversicherung is the market leader in travel insurance and has been operating in this sector for more than 100 years. almeda assistance and health services serves customers of national and international companies in the insurance industry, the health care system, the financial world, the automobile sector, the travel trade and industry as well as public institutions and helps people in acute emergency situations or gives them advice and support in case of long-term needs. Both companies belong to the ERGO group.

Office planner: conceptsued° GmbH, Munich

conceptsued° supported the project, from the aspect of processes and decisions on the utilisation of the office furniture, with economic analyses, architectural-technical solutions and their implementation in the project management.

Relocation to Kustermann Park – from cellular offices to a group room

For ERV and almeda employees, the relocation also entailed some basic changes in their working environment: most of them moved from their previous individual offices into a group structure. During the planning phase conceptsued° included the wishes and requirements of both companies in the plan by means of specific user project management, thus creating an office concept from a combination of group offices, call centres and combination offices which not only promotes communication but also boosted employee satisfaction and made the relocation to the new structure easier for the employees.

Our strong on-site partner: s+w in Munich

Together with our on-site specialised trade partner, s+w in Munich, we sold ERV and almeda on our concept for the Y arrangement of workplaces and on our sophisticated solutions for the power supply system layout.

Workplace concept: Y arrangement with Q3 series

In the prequalification phase of tenders, we decided to make our bid for the contract with our Y arrangement for the 4-person workplaces as the proposal for the workplace concept in the group offices. This arrangement not only promotes communication but at the same time provides the individual user room for privacy directly at the workplace, thus making the transition from a cellular office to the group room easier for them.

The users were enthusiastic about our design awarding winning Q3 series worktable system which we developed together with the Munich-based architect Amandus Sattler of Allmann Sattler Wappner Architekten:

Acoustics & ergonomics

Acoustic measures are also essential in group rooms. The room dividing elements at the table can be used not only for zoning and workplace organisation but also for visual and acoustic shielding and sound absorption.

Every employee is provided with an approximately 110 cm high, mobile Pick Up personal pedestal which enables them to perform their work ergonomically and to switch from a sitting to standing position. It can be used as a lectern or for communicating with colleagues while standing up directly at the workplace. Some of the tables support dynamic workflows optimally as electromotive sitting/standing tables.

E-solutions: how are power and data supplied to the table?

In line with our commitment to developing comprehensive furniture concepts, it was important to us from the outset to ensure that power and data are supplied tidily and safely from the parapet channel to the tables located in the centre of the room, too.

To this end we developed an optimum cable management and power supply solution together with our customer in various development steps.

Lots of light and communication in the boardroom, too

The boardroom and executive suite feature cellular offices and a large conference room, opened to the halls by partitions that enable employees to work intently as well as interactively.

Noticeable improvements after moving in

In the interview with the conceptsued team: “The biggest change is immediately apparent – more space and opportunities for communication amongst the employees through the activation of the halls and middle zones. The value-added process also will be improved by the selection of the optimum office concept for both corporate structures. Streamlined processes, informal communication, improved lighting and a pleasant acoustic room climate are the optimum conditions for this.”