Dividing cabinet aluminium

The dividing cabinet system as aluminium framework is a multifunctional, infinitely modular system which is assembled on-site as a frame structure.

At a glance

  • Can be used for many different applications against a wall or as a room divider with a finished back panel
  • Also combined with Tangens partitioning system
  • Infinitely modular system of prefabricated parts that are assembled on-site
  • Very stable, versatile and flexible: each structural side and floor panel is equipped with two aluminium profiles which can be connected to the aluminium frame by an eccentric bolting device.
  • The vertical profiles have a row of holes; the holes are spaced 32 mm apart. The door hinges and interior fittings are mounted in these rows of holes.
  • In addition to hinged door cupboards, this series features elements with glass doors, combined elements with hinged doors and vertical drawers, open elements, 45° and 90° corner elements and corner elements with rounded shelves

Technical details – advantages and functions

  • Equipped as required: with steel or wooden shelves, hanging files and shelf inserts as well as mirrors and extendible coat rails
  • As cabinet system with 8 mm back panel suitable for placement against an on-site wall
  • As room divider with 8 mm back panel and additional 19 mm finished back panel as a substitute for a non-supporting building wall
  • Dimensions compatible with tangens partition

Naturally also available as acoustically effective version

  • Also available as acoustically effective version
  • Effectiveness proven by independent testing institute, certificates available on request
  • For optimum sound protection in the office