partitioning system paravento

paravento divides rooms, serves as a screen, creates personal retreats and creates a comfortable and productive work atmosphere.

Essential product features

  • Offers a comprehensive solution for acoustics, shielding, organisation and power supply in a single system
  • Distinguished by the selected large radius
  • Completely concealed organisation rail
  • Visually consistent solution for all applications:
    • Free-standing as individual and combined elements (floor screen)
    • At the table, floor-standing (floor screen)
    • On / behind the table (paravento desk screen)
    • Ceiling mounted (paravento air)
    • Wall-mounted (paravento wall)
  • System components – 3 versions with matching design S, M, L:
    • S = Slim, 20 mm thickness – only visual shielding
    • M = Medium, 40 mm thickness – can be organised with add-ons, provides soundproofing
    • L = Large, 60 mm thickness – like M but with comprehensive power supply options
  • Options depending on model:
    • Basic or premium acoustics
    • With or without organisation rail
    • 2 x radius, 1 x radius, without radius
    • Additional elements, such as board or pen tray