Orgatec 2016:Change of scene in the office – creating new perspectives with ophelis

Enhancing the satisfaction and motivation of employees whilst at the same time ensuring efficient handling: When it comes to designing modern working environments, today’s companies are faced with huge challenges. Functionality, networking and dynamics are the hallmarks of the office of the future, which offers ideal conditions for a variety of activities and personal preferences. At Orgatec 2016 in Cologne, ophelis is showing product concepts which reflect the transformation processes in companies and open up new perspectives for both employees and companies.

Modes and moods as the key to success

The workplace of the future is scenario-oriented. The nature of the task determines how work is carried out (mode); the personal frame of mind and character (mood) influences the choice and design of the workplace. Activity-based working and mood-based working go hand in hand.

This development is based on the scientific insight that employees who are involved in creating their working environment are not only happier and healthier, but according to a study carried out by the University of Exeter of more than 2,000 knowledge workers, they are also up to 32% more productive.

Individualisation within the framework of the corporate identity

Individualisation of the working environment means adapting buildings, furniture, processes, IT and corporate culture. In addition, and in spite of all the ways that individualisation may be implemented, it must still be possible to identify an overall concept in line with the corporate identity. If this is successful, the result is a win-win situation for all concerned: The employees benefit from optimised working conditions, whereas their companies become more attractive, enjoy greater productivity and make more efficient use of floor space.

Against this background, ophelis presents – in the form of ophelis sum, ophelis docks and the paravento partitioning system – new product concepts for designing working environments which do justice to working modes and a variety of moods.

Premiere at Orgatec 2016

ophelis sum

ophelis sum is a new modular seating system for configuring islands within a room.

The product concept is based on three core elements: base, partition and cushion. These can be combined in an additive and modular fashion. This easily enables a wide variety of seating to be configured – from stools and benches to armchairs, sofas and chaise longues. Partitions with different heights determine the degree of privacy. Depending on the extent of retreat and discretion required, partitions can be configured as an L-shape or a U-shape.

Three different tables serve as bridges, go-betweens and add-ons. In combination, these items of furniture create micro architectural islands in the room. Of course, ophelis sum offers integrated power supply options.

Numerous configurations: Seven frame colours plus extensive collection of fabrics

The combination of three core elements in seven frame colours with a wide choice of materials creates a wealth of possible combinations. The ophelis sum concept is clear, modular and additive. The design creates lightness and highlights how flexible the layout possibilities are. Seating can be arranged single-sided, facing one another or as L-shaped, T-shaped or X-shaped layouts.

The scope of possible applications ranges from creating islands in the office to furnishing communal areas and domestic living space. ophelis sum is perfect for the modern office, lobby, lounge and foyer. It provides seating in colleges, libraries and museums. It is a new favourite spot in your own living room.

Design: Studio Grosch for ophelis 2016


ophelis docks in new design elegance

ophelis docks, the successful product from ophelis for creating islands in the office can be seen at Orgatec 2016 and for the first time, with base frames made of solid wood. In addition to die-cast aluminum base frames in white, black or polished aluminum, there is now also a choice of oak, cherry and walnut. All soft furnishings, seating tables and the ophelis docks highbench are available in the new solid wood look. This creates an even warmer and cosier atmosphere.

With ophelis docks, a wide range of islands can be created in an open space: places for communication, hospitality, knowledge transfer, informal communication, creative project work and team meetings. ophelis docks is both meeting point and communal furniture and is also conducive to working in a lounge atmosphere. The ophelis docks stools and benches are flexible and a joy to use. The furniture system is freely configurable, modular and available with electrical adjustment.

paravento and paravento hub as room dividers

Open-plan concepts must provide privacy in terms of sight and sound and it must be possible to divide areas appropriately in order to enhance efficiency. If this is achieved in an aesthetically pleasing manner, the result is an added sense of wellbeing. With paravento S and M, ophelis offers a variable system for structuring and partitioning space.

The paravento hub modular system acts variously as a think tank, meeting compartment, place of retreat, wardrobe or as a service point in open space. It splits the room into zones, provides privacy in terms of sound and sight and at the same time creates a productive, comfortable working atmosphere.

About ophelis

ophelis is your partner for the design of modern working environments. As a family-owned company, ophelis values continuity, quality and innovation. Today, ophelis is one of Germany’s leading manufacturers of office furniture. All ophelis products are made in Germany, manufactured at the company’s location in Bad Schönborn and marketed worldwide. As a supplier of holistic furnishing concepts for special requirements within a project, ophelis counts many prestigious companies among its customers.